Welcome to our VPS Webinars section! We hope that you will find here everything you need to know about our webinars, but if you have any queries, you are welcome to send an email to us at

This section contains:

  •     Details of all VPS webinars and livestreams – past, present and future
  •     Associated links, including how to attend or register for webinars and livestreams
  •     Recordings of speaker presentations and videos

What are webinars?

Webinars are an effective and informal means of bringing people together without travel expenses and inconvenience. Using your computer, smartphone or telephone, you can hear presentations and also view the presenter’s slides or live video when watching over the internet. Sessions are interactive, and provide a unique opportunity to ask questions and receive answers directly from presenters. You won’t be able to see others attending the webinar – and they won’t be able to see you. (A plus if you want to attend in your pyjamas!) Usually you have to register for these in advance.

What are live streams?

Live streams are similar to webinars in that you can use your computer, smartphone or tablet to watch and listen to live presentations by speakers and also ask questions and interact with others watching the live via on online chat box. However, our live streams differ from the webinars in that they take place on our Facebook and YouTube pages and anyone can watch and, if they wish, ask a question, simply by tuning in at the appropriate time – there’s no need to register. They are public online events, whereas the webinars are private.

How can I watch a webinar or live stream?

You can either join these presentations live when they are broadcast, which gives you the option of submitting questions for the presenter and interacting with others attending via the chat box, or you can watch the recorded presentation later.

To join a webinar, you will first need to register using a link which you will be able to follow from this page. At present we have no webinars scheduled but when we do the link will be posted here.

To join a live stream, it’s easy – just go to our Facebook page or YouTube channel at the appropriate time, sit back and wait!

Webinars and live streams

The links below give details of future webinars and live streams we have in the pipeline, and also links to recordings of the presentations which can be watched or listened to at your convenience, either on this website or on our YouTube channel or Facebook page.