This page includes email support groups, internet support groups and social media support groups for people with vulval pain (and in some cases other kinds of chronic pain). All groups listed here are internet-only: for UK-based vulval pain support groups which meet up in person as well as via email, please see our page UK support groups. The groups listed below are aimed primarily at people in the UK, but some (e.g. Vaco) have a wider remit, and may have members from outside the UK. 


There are a number of vulval pain support groups on Facebook. To join these, you will need to first of all sign up with Facebook if you don’t already have an account, but once you’ve done this, you can easily join other Facebook groups without needing any more accounts.

You can access Facebook at 

Google groups

Internet support groups

  • UK Lichen Planus provide information on lichen planus on their website, plus a support group which you can join by registering on their forum.