You might find that living with vulval pain can make you feel very low or even depressed. Support and information can be found on the NHS website and also at Mind.

Hypnotherapy Directory is a website which enables you to find a local hypnotherapist.

Therapy Directory is a website providing a directory of complementary therapists, plus articles on complementary therapies written by some of the directory members. You can search the directory for qualified complementary therapists in your area.

If you’re looking for counselling, Counselling Directory is a website which provides a counselling support network, including a directory of counsellors in the UK plus information about counselling therapies.

Pain Concern produce ‘Airing Pain’, a series of audio podcasts dealing with different aspects of chronic pain from both the patient’s and the health professional’s perspectives. The podcasts can be played online, or downloaded from the site for use later, and there are also transcripts available for some of the more recent programmes.  We were particularly impressed by ‘Programme 47: The power of the mind’, but there are many other programmes available which may be of interest too.

Other related organisations

British Society for the Study of Vulval Disease

Bladder Health UK

Family Planning Association (FPA)

Interstitial Cystitis Association (US)

National Vulvodynia Association

Pain Concern

Pain UK (umbrella group for UK charities and other organisations representing chronic pain conditions)

Vulvar Pain Foundation (US)

Candida info including yeast-free diet

The Yeast Connection, a website all about Candida


Fibromyalgia page on the NHS website