If you wish to contact the VPS with any queries, including questions relating to your personal health or treatment, you can do so via email or post. You can also leave a message on our Facebook page if your enquiry is of a more general or administrative nature, but please be aware that we will not answer personal medical enquiries via Facebook and if you need advice relating to your own health you should email or write to us. Unfortunately we cannot currently offer telephone support.


You can email the VPS at info@vulvalpainsociety.org with any enquiry, but please note we do not have staff available by email to give you one-to-one support. Your message will be forwarded to the VPS Management Committee, although replies cannot be guaranteed and it is best to write to the PO Box address given below. 


If you would prefer to contact the VPS by letter, please write to the PO Box number given below. Please do bear in mind that replies are offered on a voluntary basis and may take up to six weeks.

PO Box 7804


If your enquiry does not relate to personal health, please feel free to leave a message on our Facebook page. In order to use this method, you will need a Facebook account. Important! Comments to posts on our Facebook page can be seen by other Facebook users, so if you’d rather keep your message confidential, make sure that you send us a private Facebook message – or you can email us or write to us.


The VPS does not currently offer telephone support.