MARION JONES the Founder of Pudendal Neuralgia Awareness UK chats with our Trustee DR WINSTON DE MELLO, Pain Medicine Consultant and former adviser at Pudendal Hope (Health Organisation for Pudendal Education).

Both also have a lived experience of Pudendal Neuralgia.

They discuss causes of Pudendal Neuralgia, symptoms, the links with vulval pain, management, surgery options, whether opioids are of use, research, and educating clinicians and patients.


  • People living with pudendal neuralgia, vulval or pelvic pain, or other pelvic health challenges
  • Partners, family, friends
  • Healthcare professionals, and researchers with an interest in any aspect of pelvic pain, and pelvic health

HOST: Sheren Gaulbert – Vulval Pain Society Trustee, Pain Science Educator, therapist and former patient (vulvodynia and other persisting pain)


  • At least 1 in 7 experience vulval pain in their life, so the likelihood is that even if you are not aware, someone you know may be going through this pain right now or do so in future. Knowledge is power, it’s time for change.