Watch a frank discussion on:

  • living with vulval pain
  • experiences of accessing appropriate healthcare and treatment
  • self-management and recovery
  • changes patients want to see
  • support group better practices

As well as being open about their personal journeys, we will also be voicing the experiences of members of the London Vulval Pain Support Group (LVPSG).


Yes, it’s a patient takeover and everyone is invited! Whether you live with vulval pain, are a clinician, health professional, or researcher, come along and bring your questions! 


  1. SHEREN GAULBERT (Host) – VPS Trustee, pain science educator, therapist and former patient (vulvodynia and other persisting pain)
  2. CLAUDIA CHISARI (Moderator) – VPS Research Advisor, researcher in vulvodynia at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London
  3. KAY THOMAS – VPS Operations Director, living with vulval pain


At least 1 in 7 experience vulval pain in their life, so the likelihood is that even if you are not aware, someone you know may be going through this pain right now or do so in future. Knowledge is power, it’s time for change.