OUR GUEST: Athina Lountzi, MSc Health Psychology

WHAT IS BEING COVERED: Athina will shed light on what patients living with vulvodynia have shared with her in interviews, including what medical professionals are most frequently visited and what treatments are most frequently prescribed.

She’ll also discuss:

  1. Importance of diagnosis and shared decision-making
  2. Role of partners in the pain experience and management of symptoms
  3. How the women she interviewed feel about the effects of vulvodynia on their lives and intimate relationships
  4. The lack of awareness about vulvodynia and women having to advocate for themselves
  5. The role of online communities in providing support and the lack of peer support


  1. Patients living with vulvodynia or vulval pain
  2. Partners, family, friends and anyone who would like to know more
  3. All health professionals with an interest in vulval pain*

*With more than 1 in 7 women experiencing vulval pain in their lifetime, we suggest if you are a clinician – whatever your area of expertise – and you see women or anyone with a vulva, then this 30-minute livestream is a must!!

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