Donate to the VPS

We are always very grateful for any monetary donations by individuals or groups. It's easy to donate using the button below. This allows you to donate by card or PayPal, and you can also tick to make a small monthly donation to support the charity.


Other donation methods

  1. Visit the Charities Aid Foundation website.
  2. Type 'Vulval Pain Society' into the search box.
  3. Look for 'Vulval Pain Society' in the list of charities given below.
  4. Press the blue 'Donate' button to the right of the link listing 'Vulval Pain Society'.
  5. This will take you to the 'Make a Donation' page. On this page, you can choose to donate anything from £5.00 upwards, and you can choose to pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal, or use a Charities Aid Foundation Charity Account if you have one of those. You can also choose to make your donation to us anonymous, if that's what you prefer, or you can even add a message to us if you like.

By post

If you'd prefer to post us a cheque, we are happy to accept donations in this way as well. Please ensure that any cheques sent are made payable to the Vulval Pain Society and have your full postal address on the reverse. Cheques should be sent to:

Vulval Pain Society
PO Box 7804
Nottingham NG3 5ZQ