Garden party fundraising for the VPS

VPS supporter Andy Shelton has been fundraising for us in York with a garden party and garage café.

Andy Shelton writes...

Image of Andy and her guests enjoying the fundraising garden partyFrom humble beginnings on the top of an ironing board, the VPS has become a beacon of light to many women and their partners.

This is why my family, friends and I have for the last three years been raising funds for the VPS with a garden party held in my back garden.

 Last year we had a 'Vintage Do': this year it was 'Afternoon Tea'.

At the parties we have a café which is run from the garage! We sell crafts we have made throughout the year - bunting was very popular this year!

We have also had taster reflexology sessions in the dining room, which were enjoyed by all the ladies who experienced them.

Image of Andy and her VPS team celebrating with afternoon tea at Betty'sThis year, we were blessed with good weather, and through the amazing generosity of my family and friends, together we raised over £900! To celebrate our achievement, I treated the 'VPS Team' to an Afternoon Tea at Betty's, which was lovely - we would recommend it to anyone visiting York.

Discussion has already begun about what the 'theme' for next year might be!