VPS Webinar with David Nunns, 'Vulvodynia research update' - full video presentation now viewable online

You can now watch the full video recording of the very first VPS webinar held on 16 January 2013. In this webinar, Dr David Nunns of the VPS discussed contemporary vulvodynia research, including the use of enoxaparin injections and Melissa Farmer's groundbreaking 2011 study in which vulvodynia symptoms were reproduced in mice.

Please note that the slides which were posted here recently as a PDF have been temporarily removed as some of them were slightly different from the video.  However, as soon as we have the exact copy of the slides from the video recording of this interesting presentation, they will be posted here. In the meantime, enjoy the presentation!

Watch David Nunns' presentation, 'Vulvodynia research update'