Vulvodynia pre-clinic questionnaire

We have formulated a pre-clinic questionnaire that can be filled in and given to your doctor prior to the clinic visit.

The advantages of this are:

1) Writing down information can focus your thoughts on your symptoms.

2) It can jog your memory - it is not uncommon to forget what to tell the doctor in the clinic due to anxiety and stress!

3) Sometimes the consultations are too short for you to tell your doctor the whole story.  Your doctor will find it very helpful to have a list of treatments that you have used.

The questionnaire can be downloaded as a PDF file using this link - Vulvodynia pre-clinic questionnaire

Accessibility options

If you need to avoid PDFs, you can now access the pre-clinic questionnaire as an ordinary webpage:

Vulval pain questionnaire (webpage)

We are grateful to the British Society for the Study of Vulval Disease (BSSVD) for their endorsement of this questionnaire.