Podcast 8 - Don't be in two minds about pain: Integrating your conscious and unconscious minds to alleviate pain: a presentation given by Sheren Gaulbert

A live recording of a two-part presentation given by Sheren Gaulbert, Cognitive Hypnotherapist/Pain Relief Specialist/Behavioural Change Therapist, at the VPS Super Workshop in London on 11 May 2013. As with the other Super Workshop podcasts, audience questions and answers have been cut out from the presentation.

Please note that as Part I of this presentation involved some brief practical cognitive exercises for the audience, and Part II included a group exercise in self-hypnosis, both of the MP3 files have a number of moments of silence. These are usually deliberate pauses by the speaker to allow the audience to reflect or engage in other cognitive exercises, and do not indicate problems with the MP3 recording. Feel free to pause with the speaker, engage in the exercises, or fast forward as best suits you.

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