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This section has recordings, podcasts and presentations from our staff and contributors. The podcasts are listed in chronological order, so scroll down to the bottom of the page for the most recent recordings.


Podcast 1 - Help and information from David Nunns

Listen to podcast. Recorded in 2009, this audio features David Nunns giving help and information on the subject of vulval pain. Sally Turner asks the questions.

Download Podcast 1 as an MP3 (34 mins 54 secs)

Podcast 2 - Ruth Hallam-Jones and Juliet Grayson in conversation

Listen to podcast. Featuring sex therapists Ruth Hallam-Jones and Juliet Grayson in conversation with Sally Turner, following a talk and presentation given to the London Vulval Pain Support Group on Saturday 31 July 2010. Topics covered include current research, treatments and products that may be useful in the management of vulval pain. Disclaimer: please note, the views expressed herein are those of the participants and do not necessarily represent the views of the VPS.

Download Podcast 2 as an MP3 (17 mins 17 secs)

Podcast 3 - A partner's perspective

Listen to podcast. The partner of a woman with long-term vulval pain talks to Sally Turner about managing the condition from a partner's perspective. (The partners Yahoo group mentioned in this podcast is currently inactive, but may be relaunched soon, so please check the VPS site for news).

Download Podcast 3 as an MP3 (15 mins 43 secs)

Podcast 4 - Presentation by Helen Forth

A live recording of the presentation Helen Forth, Lead Physiotherapist - Women's Health, Royal Free Hospital, London gave at the VPS Super Workshop in London in December 2010. Any comments made by the audience have been edited and cut out from the presentation. This online presentation is accompanied by Helen's Powerpoint slides and diagrams.

Watch presentation from a PC, laptop or notebook (35 mins 47 secs)

Watch presentation from a smartphone or tablet (35 mins 57 secs)

Podcast 5 - Vulvodynia: a podcast lecture by David Nunns

An online presentation with audio about vulvodynia by Dr David Nunns. Please note that some slides show medical photography and images.

Although the slides in this presentation do advance automatically, some have a lengthy delay after the soundtrack for the slide has finished. We would suggest that when this happens, you use the Fast Forward button to advance the slides manually, which of course you can also do just to quickly click through the presentation.

Smartphone and tablet users

Some smartphone or tablet users may have problems viewing the presentation. If this is the case for you, please accept our apologies: we are working on a more smartphone-friendly version of the presentation and will post it here as soon as possible. In the meantime, you may find it helpful to download the soundtrack from the presentation, as it contains most of the useful information in the presentation. It's included below as an MP3. This MP3 is shorter than the full slide presentation because the slide delays have been cut, but otherwise the soundtrack is exactly the same as the full presentation.

Watch full presentation (1 hr 46 mins 40 secs)

Download soundtrack to Podcast 5 as an MP3 (42 mins 52 secs)

Podcast 6 - Vulval conditions and the new NHS: a presentation given by David Nunns

A live recording of a presentation given by Dr David Nunns at the VPS Super Workshop in London on 11 May 2013. Please note that any interaction with the audience, such as questions and answers, has been cut out from the presentation.

Download Podcast 6 as an MP3 (46 mins 21 secs)

Podcast 7 - Psychological impact and therapy for vulval pain: a presentation given by Reena Shah

A live recording of a presentation given by Dr Reena Shah, Clinical Psychologist, at the VPS Super Workshop in London on 11 May 2013. As with Podcast 6, interaction with the audience such as questions and answers has been cut out from the presentation.

Download Podcast 7 as an MP3 (27 mins 41 secs)

Podcast 8 - Don't be in two minds about pain: Integrating your conscious and unconscious minds to alleviate pain: a presentation given by Sheren Gaulbert

A live recording of a two-part presentation given by Sheren Gaulbert, Cognitive Hypnotherapist/Pain Relief Specialist/Behavioural Change Therapist, at the VPS Super Workshop in London on 11 May 2013. As with the other Super Workshop podcasts, audience questions and answers have been cut out from the presentation.

NB - As Part I of this presentation involved some brief practical cognitive exercises for the audience, and Part II included a group exercise in self-hypnosis, both of the MP3 files have a number of moments of silence. These are usually deliberate pauses by the speaker to allow the audience to reflect or engage in other cognitive exercises, and do not indicate problems with the MP3 recording. Feel free to pause with the speaker, engage in the exercises, or fast forward as best suits you.

Download MP3 of Podcast 8, Part I: Conscious: Science and Theory behind Cognitive Hypnotherapy (including current and future research) (42 mins 16 secs)

Download MP3 of Podcast 8, Part II: Unconscious: Practical - Learn to Hypnotise Yourself! (18 mins 49 secs)