Watch Maeve Whelan's video on physiotherapy, pain and the pelvic floor on YouTube

Maeve Whelan is a Chartered Physiotherapist with special interest in manual therapy of the pelvic floor. She presents at conferences, teaches postgraduate Women’s Health Physiotherapists, running courses in Ireland and internationally.

Here Maeve covers:

  • Hypertonic pelvic floor
  • What happens to the pelvic floor in people with vulvodynia, vestibulodynia and vaginismus
  • Treatment crossovers and differences
  • The difference between women’s health and pelvic pain physio

Maeve mentions the Sniff, Flop and Drop Release technique which you can find at:

  1. Quick video here:
  2. Full techniques and exercises:

Host: Sheren Gaulbert – Vulval Pain Society Trustee, Pain Science Educator, Therapist & Former Patient