University of Nottingham (Nottingham, England, UK)

Subject: Creating guidelines for practitioners on communication regarding the management of the psychological and interpersonal impact of vulvodynia: a Delphi study

Contact: Zoe Hamilton, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of Nottingham. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Research mobile: 07749 493567

Details and requirements

Do you have a diagnosis of vulvodynia?


Are you a practitioner working with women with vulvodynia, either in the management of the condition or by referring on to specialist services?

Would you be interested in taking part in research supporting practitioners to improve communication around the psychological aspects of this condition?

The aim of this research is to understand the views of women and practitioners in communicating regarding the impact of this condition on wellbeing and relationships, in order to produce a set of guidelines to support practitioners in their communication.

Taking part in the study involves an audio-recorded individual interview, lasting up to 1 hour. The interview will be arranged for a time and place that is convenient for participants and can take place in person, over the phone or via Skype. Travel expenses and postal costs will be offered for any visits incurred as a result of participation. You will then be asked to take part in two separate surveys by e-mail or post at later dates which will support the creation of the guidelines. As a result, your involvement in the study would span approximately nine months, requiring up to 150 minutes of your time.

Those who participate in the research will have the option of a £10 Amazon voucher or an equivalent donation to the National Vulvodynia Association, or an alternative vulvodynia charity of their choice.

(Correct as at 23 September 2019)