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Garden party fundraising for the VPS

VPS supporter Andy Shelton has been fundraising for us in York with a garden party and garage café.

Read more: Garden party fundraising for the VPS

VPS joins Just Text Giving

We have recently joined Just Text Giving, which means that we can now receive donations by text.

To make a donation to the Vulval Pain Society, just text DNKT11 to 70070 with the amount you wish to donate, e.g. £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10.

Alternatively, for other ways of making a donation, see Support the VPS.

Journey through Pudendal Neuralgia

Margaret Stubbs, who suffers from pudendal neuralgia (a form of pelvic nerve pain), has written a book, Journey through Pudendal Neuralgia, about her personal experience of the condition, including the various treatments she has tried. For further details about the book, including where to obtain it, read on...

VPS webinars - past presentation downloads now available

The VPS has put up a new page on this website, VPS Webinars, which we hope will provide everything you need to know about our free VPS Webinars. The page is still under construction, but amongst other things, it will allow you to download past webinar presentations. At present, you can download the slides from Dr Winston de Mello's presentation of 21 May 2013, 'Management of Vulval Pain', plus an audio recording (MP3) of the Q&A session. You can also now watch Prof Wendy Reid's presentation of 1 May 2013, 'Vulval Pain - Present knowledge' from a PC, laptop or notebook, watch the presentation from a smartphone or tablet or download the slides, plus we now have the cleaned up audio recording (MP3) of the presentation.

IMPORTANT! Please be aware that these presentations contain medical photos and images and may therefore not be 'safe for work'.

Vulval Pain Society (VPS) Webinar, Tuesday 21 May, 7.00 - 8.00 pm

Join us for a free Vulval Pain Society (VPS) Webinar on Tuesday 21 May with Dr Winston de Mello.

Dr de Mello is a Consultant in Pain Medicine at University Hospital South Manchester (UHSM), where he runs a specialist Pelvic Pain clinic. Around two-thirds of his clinic patients have vulval pain. Dr de Mello will give a short presentation in which he will discuss options for long-term pain management in vulvodynia, including physiotherapy, drug therapies and nerve blocks. He wil then answer questions on the topic from participants.

Read more about the Vulval Pain Society (VPS) Webinar, Tuesday 21 May, 7.00 - 8.00 pm

UPDATE: Coventry University unprovoked vulvodynia study

Please note that this online study, which examines UK patients' experiences of accessing treatment for unprovoked vulvodynia, has finished data collection and analysis and is therefore now closed. We will provide details of the results of the study here and on our Older studies page as soon as these are available. 

UPDATE: West Midlands Vulval Pain Support Group

We're very pleased to announce that the West Midlands Vulval Pain Support Group is now well under way. The group held its first meeting in Birmingham, and has decided to hold subsequent meetings there as well. The West Midlands Vulval Pain Support Group has been set up to provide confidential support and advice for women in the West Midlands suffering from vulval pain conditions such as vulvodynia and vestibulodynia.

Fon further details about the group, download the West Midlands Vulval Pain Support Group poster from this website. Alternatively, you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who runs the group.

Personal experiences of vulvodynia

How do women deal with chronic vulval pain in real life? Journalist Sally Turner talked to women with vulvodynia and vestibulodynia to find out about their personal journeys with these conditions. You can read their real life stories on a new page on our website, Personal experiences.