VPS webinars - past presentation downloads now available

The VPS has put up a new page on this website, VPS Webinars, which we hope will provide everything you need to know about our free VPS Webinars. The page is still under construction, but amongst other things, it will allow you to download past webinar presentations. At present, you can download the slides from Dr Winston de Mello's presentation of 21 May 2013, 'Management of Vulval Pain', plus an audio recording (MP3) of the Q&A session. You can also now watch Prof Wendy Reid's presentation of 1 May 2013, 'Vulval Pain - Present knowledge' from a PC, laptop or notebook, watch the presentation from a smartphone or tablet or download the slides, plus we now have the cleaned up audio recording (MP3) of the presentation.

IMPORTANT! Please be aware that these presentations contain medical photos and images and may therefore not be 'safe for work'.