Painful Sex vs 'Normal' Sex: The Differences Explained With Food

Women4Real have recently released a short video which was made to raise awareness of vulvodynia and painful sex. The video has been made independently of the Vulval Pain Society (VPS) by Sally Turner and Sabine Tyrvainen, who run Women4Real.

You can view Women4Real's film on YouTube here:

Here's what Women4Real have to say about the film:

"We wanted to make this short video:

1  To create a public conversation about painful sex and vulvodynia – issues which are under-reported and often misdiagnosed. We felt that by engaging with popular culture and using humour in our approach we would reach a wider audience through social media.

2  To acknowledge the millions of women affected by vulvodynia and painful sex and to give them a voice. We hope this video will help women share their experiences with others and will ease the isolation and embarrassment that is often associated with these issues.
3  To encourage women experiencing unexplained sexual pain, who may not have heard of vulvodynia, to contact the VPS for support and to get a correct diagnosis and the best treatment." 

Further information about the project, including a media release and an FAQ, is available at We hope you find the video of interest and if so please share it via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to help raise awareness of the issues.