BSSVD Cardiff 2006 - VPS represented at National Medical Conference

We were thrilled to be invited to the Biennial Scientific Meeting of the British Society of the Study of Vulval Diseases (BSSVD) held in Cardiff in April 2006.

This Society has been established for many years and is composed of doctors and other health professionals with an interest in vulval disease. The group consists mainly of dermatologists, genitourinary medicine physicians and gynaecologists. The aims of the group are to promote the understanding and research and treatment of vulval conditions. They are an influential group involved with producing guidelines on the management of vulval problems and also advising other medical institutions on the management of vulval conditions.

There was a heavy emphasis at this conference on the patient's perspective of vulval diseases; not just vulval pain but all vulval conditions including lichen sclerosus, lichen planus and vulval intraepithelial neoplasia (a premalignant condition of the vulva).

It was great to hear such an emphasis placed at the conference on the impact of the condition on the individual woman. The Vulval Pain Society was invited by the Chair of the conference, Professor Alison Fiander, to present an update on our work so far and Kay Thomas gave an update to this Society. It was very encouraging for us to hear so much emphasis on the patient experience and the future aims of the Society, chaired by its current President, Professor Wojnarowska, will include the experience of the patient at almost every level from writing guidelines to research and conference material. The shift is changing from a medically-based, doctor-led management of patients with vulval problems to a more patient-centred package of care involving different professionals with different skills. It is encouraging for the future!